Sunday, 8 April 2012

~ Cute Baby ~

hii everyone........
how are you?? hope you all fine... :)
what are you doing now?? read my blog right...hehehe
ok for this entry I want to story about my lovely nephews and nieces....
My first nephew is Muhammad Nadhil Hakim... We call him Abe.. He is 7 years old now.. He is very shy and not talking much. My second niece is Nur Ayu Batrisya. We call her Adik... She is 5 years old... She is very different from her brother, Abe. She is very talkative, hyperactive... My third niece is Eryna Qaisara.. We call her eryna.. She is 3 years old.. She also talkative and active... Lastly is Muhammad Akid Naufal... He is new family in my family... He was born on January 2012...



this is his 1st day age

his age is 2 months


* Acu will always love you all...mmuahh :)  *

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