Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Haloo! Haloo! Haloo!
Annyeong!   hehehe
We meet again...=D
Today I want to share with you about 'Friend'...
This is a poem that I read... I want to share with all of you...

..To A Friend..

A friend that is unique
A friend that is one of a kind
A friend that is perfect 
A type of friend who is hard to find
A friend that is sweet
A friend that is perpetually fair
A friend that you know 
Will always be there
A friend with an amazing spirit
A friend with a striking heart
A friend that is trustworthy
A friend that is smart
A friend that assuages your pain
A friend that can dry your tears
A friend with unrestricted love 
A friend that can alleviate your fears
A friend with an exquisite smile
That could never be ignored
A friend that’s never been hurtful
A friend that is easily adored
A friend that is respectful
A friend who is loved by all
A friend that is relied upon
A friend to never let fall
A friend you can talk to
Her compassion is known by a glistening glow
Just by sparking her remarkable light
The whole world will know
What a great and amazing person she is 
A friend I shall never forget 
She is the greatest ever been known
Best of all the friends I’ve ever met… 
By : Marria Attar

* To all my friends this poem is for all of you...=) *

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