Sunday, 15 April 2012


halooo... hii...
This week  I really busy with midsem exam... Yesterday, I had read about examination tips... Now, I want to share some tips for exam with all of you...
Exam tips :-

  • Find your own deep and compelling reason to successfully learn your subject and pass your exams.
  • Plan your time to include study, revision and social commitments such as a balance of having fun, taking breaks and studying.
  • Use multi-coloured Mind Maps for your notes.
  • Review your notes regularly to reinforce your new-found knowledge.
  • Swiftly skim through your text books and course material before you read them in depth to give you an overview of your subject.
  • Learn how to remember lists of things by linking each item to a location on a journey or route you are familiar with around your town. You could even use your own home.
  • Before you do any revision, warm up by doing some gentle exercise to relieve any tension in your body and to get a rush of healthy oxygen flowing to your brain and also read the 'doa'.
  • Do past papers under thorough exam conditions as often as possible to familiarise yourself with the format and the pressures of working under exam conditions.
  • In an exam, make sure you read the question completely and fully understand what the examiner wants before you allocate your time and begin answering the questions.
  • If you are faced with a mental block breathe deeply, relax and read the 'doa' to calm yourself.
focus ! focus ! Focus!

Good Luck to all my friends =)

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